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Always Prepared
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At Tech Supply & Services Inc. we sell military truck parts Everything from HMMWV / M998 / M1114 / M1152 / M1165 / PLS / HEMMTT / FMTV / MTV / STRIKER / MRAP / M1 Series Tanks /M2 BRADLEY & and all Military Vehicles currently in use by U.S. Ground Forces.

Not only do we carry over twenty thousand lines of military truck parts in inventory, we are a large scale military truck parts re-builder.

When you talk about rebuilt parts many people groan with dread due to the fact that there are a lot of inferior quality re-built military truck parts in the system. At Tech Supply & Services Inc. we bench test ALL of our remanufactured equipment. Needless to say all of our rebuilt military components are as good as, and in some cases better than the original military truck part.

Additionaly Tech Supply & Services is a supplier and rebuilder of many tactical generator components.

We are a Scepter Military National Distributor for Military water and fuel cans.  For more information on the Scepter products we represent and on Scepter Corporation please go to

Service is What Sets Us Apart

We specialize in micro purchases with a staff of sales personnel we can take care of all those little things that seem to fall through the cracks. We approach each call as a problem that needs a solution. The non availability of a repair part is not a good enough answer. We offer other solutions and really can be a logistics multiplier.

Tech Supply & Services Inc. has a complete machining, welding, fabrication, manufacturing capability and repair/rebuild of most hydraulic cylinders, motors, pumps, and valves.

Our electrical component rebuild shop can rebuild any military generator or starter. Most are stocked on an exchange basis.

Our component shop can fix or rebuild most any power train component. We can rebuild most military engines.

We can really help your operational readiness stats. So if you have a hanger queen, deadline report you don't like, or some low density, obsolete piece of equipment that you can never get parts for; contact us. State your problem and we will give it our best.

If you are a contractor and having problems with component supply, rebuild or workflow then give us a call. You will find we can solve many problems and have a world of experiance with military equipment.


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